Being God for the Eves of Paradise – How to play secret Santa

I got to play God and be a medium in spreading joy this christmas! Ok , no narcissist soul has entered my body. All I mean is, I played the kind of God who pairs up several women spread out in all different geographical locations so that they can exchange gifts and spread joy. They call it “secret Santa”.

Now someone was required to coordinate the events, hence God!
That explains God, but who are the Eves?

The People

We are a facebook community of over 100 women connected since Orkut times. From sharing diaper dreads, toddler tantrums, lunchbox ideas, emotional highs lows, and now to teenagers tussle,   empty nests.We have come a long way indeed!

 We are about or less than middle age ravishing eves and our community is called Eve’s Paradise. Today most of us are connected through whatsapp and whether we talk for days or not we pick up from where we left.

Now we are a generation who have been through pandemic together. Divided by geography, united by common topics of hormones, hurts, healing, humour and happiness!

The Plan

Though I am a reasonably social person otherwise, this pandemic has made me realise to hold on to the love of human connect even more! 

It occurred to me why not ignite some sparks  in our  otherwise quiet FB group and see what happens. 

And boy, I was up for a surprise. 

Sometimes we do something without much planning and let things take its own course! 

I did exactly that and today  I, along with many other eves, are sitting in our homes over a month from Christmas,  bursting happiness bubbles around us feeling good!

The Process

Dropped the word in the group and the ladies began responding enthusiastically! 

12 of us signed up when we began, by the time 25th arrived, we were 19 of us. I asked the interested parties to share their addresses and then began my work of pairing  Santa to her “God child”. Few joined right on the eve of Christmas 🙂 I did a bit of shuffling and managed to assign them eves. 

Now the task was each sending gifts to the assigned Gold child, Amazon of course! The only hitch was –

how do you play secret Santa online

when it was not much of a “secret” element in the whole affair, if we would be sending gifts through Amazon that requires to reveal the address of the sender. 

Anyhow, what the heck, the idea was to have fun and feel good. Activities conducted with an intention to have good experiences do not have to be bound by any rules. Right!


I did not assign two eves in a way that they exchange gifts with one another, it was always one sending to another and that another sending to some third person until everyone was accounted for this way!

 But I did have to make an exception in one or two cases like the one between Bangkok ladies. 


I had to ask the eves staying abroad about their comfort level in delivering to other countries. Since there were just a few. It was manageable. Thank Bezos,  Amazon reaches everywhere except  Thailand (Bezos not  into thai food I guess! )


And since two  of them were from Bangkok, I hooked them up together as no ladies in other countries could send via Amazon to Bangkok. No seriously, why did this man spare this country? 

Little did I know they would surprise us big time! 

They did not simply exchange gifts! 

They met, ate together and then exchanged gifts!

The Problem (hardly a problem though)

It being holiday season(obviously) many of them were travelling. 

We decided we will play till year end, we make our own rules, coz there are no rules. But it extended till Jan 28th. 

The last to receive her gift was Himani who had to wait longer coz order that I placed for her through Amazon that took so long! (Santa revealed).

The Presents

I will let the pictures do the talking!

What do you know! Those ladies made me so happy by being happy themselves! Unwittingly I gathered some happiness bubbles!

I did not assign two eves in a way that they exchange gifts with one another, it was always one sending to two and two sending to three kind of calculation until everyone was covered. But I did have to make exceptions is one or two cases like the one between bangkok ladies. 

I am so glad we did this 🙂 

Another best part of the whole experience was many eves chose to gift stuff in house – what I mean they chose to loop in business women in our community to buy gifts from :). Yay to that !


Feels blessed to have such friends in life! After all, what remains in life than exchanging surprises and spreading joy!




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