Break The Bias Within

Break the bias within

Straight hair or curly hair,  

 Skin  dark,  dusky or fair,

Waistline expanded or narrow.

Is your colour, shape, size, age a part of your sorrow?

Stop fretting about single grey hair or double chin, 

Come on woman – break the bias within!


They told you, when you were four.

 Behave like a girl, don’t try to be more.

Join your legs together, when you sit.

Laugh less, walk slowly taking small stride.

Questioning someone isn’t an act of pride.

That was then this is now!

You still want to laugh out loud, 

Instead you manage with a grin.

Come on woman, break the bias within.


Stop confining, staying under-defined!

Keeping your expressions, feelings confined.

Cease to seek others approval,

Being 24-7 available!

If it is on your mind, 

today is the time to begin.

Go on, woman, break the bias within.


- Being Suman


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