Break The Bias Within

Break the bias within Straight hair or curly hair,   Skin  dark,  dusky or fair,Waistline expanded or narrow.Is your colour, shape, size, age a part of your

We are our own God

We are our own God We all have thorns, that prick our conscience, that poke our emotions, that punctures our fragile ego. We all have sticks, to whip our confidence, to

The Sun in my soul

The Sun in my soul When the ice cold sadness solidifies, and darkness takes over, When  gloom and despairkeep lurking on like a hangover. When the heart hurts, the

It is not perfect yet!

It is not perfect yet! Perfection is a disguise of insecurity, that keeps you paralysed. One more revision. One final correction. A few more tweaks. Let me ask the critics.The

Project Life

Project Life Rowing the boat, in the middle of the ocean. Calming the mind, taming the emotions. Craving to express, dropping reservations! Courage quivers, yet trusting my notions. Weaving

When someone asks who am I ?

When someone asks who am I ? I am an artist of the dark. When the lights go out, my mind fires… I pick up my pen and

A little fear is fine

A little fear is fine A little fear is fine. It doesn’t let you forget your goals. And ensures your actions are aligned. A little fear is needed, till

Goodbye to 2021

Goodbye to 2021 Fare well to the year, that has shown a strange kaleidoscope of life. Taught many lessons. Took many loved ones. Transformed many perceptions. A year that

Unrestricted consciousness

Unrestricted consciousness The endeavours everyday…  To get to that state of  unrestricted consciousness.  To relieve the restlessness.    Confidence is thwarted with doubts,  Bringing the