The Sun in my soul

The Sun in my soul

When the ice cold sadness solidifies, 

and darkness takes over, 

When  gloom and despair

keep lurking on like a hangover. 

When the heart hurts, 

the mind menaces, 

and the world ceases to cajole. 

At that moment like a bliss, 

Pulls me out of the abyss.

Cheers me up and consoles, 

that sun in my soul.

Like a music it permeates, 

The soreness alleviates, 

The emotional dent depreciates, 

The pain unwraps and dissociates. 

The happiness unrolls, 

The mind becomes serene, 

The body gains control 

and my mood all pristine! 

Make me feel so whole!

 That sun, in my soul!

- Being Suman


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