Unrestricted consciousness

Unrestricted consciousness

The endeavours everyday… 

To get to that state of 

unrestricted consciousness. 

To relieve the restlessness. 


Confidence is thwarted with doubts, 

Bringing the urge to bail. 

The devil inside shouts, 

threatening about a massive fail.


The mind finds it hard to believe,

and the heart feels so naive.

Dragging down to powerlessness.

Submerging in hopelessness.


Caught in the web of fears,

The confusion of Ifs and buts,

Which path to adhere?

And avoid hasty shortcuts.


What if the mind deceives?

 The dangers are hard to perceive. 

Treading the uncertain path with cautiousness. 

Bracing every feeling of helplessness.


Yet another thought, the mind retrieves.

A speck of hope that it conceives.

Restoring the required astuteness,

to work on bringing back,

the unrestricted consciousness.

- Being Suman


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